Codisto ImageSmart™ eBay Listing Template

The Codisto ImageSmart™ eBay listing template is designed to give your listings a very professional look and feel automatically. Your product information is professionally laid out for maximum visibility and usability.

Mobile Responsive

The template automatically adjusts for display on mobile devices, whether viewed via a mobile browser or the eBay app. This ensures that buyers shopping on their mobile device have the best possible experience, which maximizes the possibility of a sale.

Support for multiple images

If your product has multiple images, the listing will automatically have multiple professionally arranged images.

Shipping widget

If the listing is set to have calculated shipping, a shipping widget is dynamically inserted to facilitate freight quotes. This typically results in less questions and more sales.

Supported Browsers

All current major desktop and mobile browsers are supported. 

Editing or Uploading a New Template

For more information on editing templates, please view the Advanced eBay Template Editing article.

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