Managing Orders

This article applies to version 1.1.64 and above. Get the latest plugin

To access the orders screen, click eBay | Codisto -> Manage Orders in the top Magento admin menu or Codisto -> Manage Orders in the left Wordpress admin menu.

The orders screen allows you to view all eBay orders, manually send orders into Magento / WooCommerce and configure automatic order sending and feedback settings.

The Order Grid

The order grid allows you to view all eBay orders and their current sent status (with any errors) and manually send orders to the Magento / WooCommerce Orders screen.

Push - Send/Leave - the only action in the grid allows you to manually send orders into Magento / WooCommerce.

Push Status - there are 3 states for this column, Sent, Not Sent or Error. When an item is in the error state, it means Codisto was not able to send the order to Magento. The label can be clicked for more information about the error.

Order Settings

This controls when orders will be sent to the Magento / WooCommerce Order screen, if at all.

Automatically Send Orders 

  • Always - this will send all eBay orders to Magento / WooCommerce
  • Codisto Managed - this will send orders to Magento / WooCommerce that contain Codisto managed products. Any order with products not managed by Codisto will not show in the Magento / WooCommerce orders.
  • Off/Manual - this will turn off automatic sending completely. You can still manually push orders from the grid.

Only send orders when

This applies to only when Automatic Send is set to Always or Codisto Managed

  • Buyer has Paid - orders will only show in Magento / WooCommerce when the buy has paid for the goods
  • Buyer has Committed to Buy - as soon as the order has been placed, regardless of payment status, it will appear in Magento / WooCommerce