Setting Available Inventory/Stock Levels for Sales Channel Listings

Why is it so important? When selling multi-quantity items across your online store and connected sales channels, it becomes more important than ever to have an effective inventory management strategy in-place. Doing so gives you greater control over where and how your products are made available, prevents you from selling items you no longer have in-stock, and ensures a quality buying experience across all channels.

Codisto gives you more control of your inventory

Depending on your multichannel inventory management strategy, you may need to limit or even maximize inventory across your channels. Managing inventory in Codisto does not make any changes to your website, only to eBay and Amazon.

You can set inventory rules for individual products from Single-edit Mode in the Listings View, or for individual products, groups of products or for your entire catalog from Multi-edit Mode or Attribute Mapping Mode.

Setting Inventory Rules in Multi-edit and Single-edit Modes

The quantity of items available on a sales channel listing is controlled by the rules set for the "quantity" field in both Single-edit and Multi-edit Modes.



By default the quantity available will be "Web Quantity", which is the quantity available for sale on the website. To view and change the quantity rules in the XpressGrid, simply expand the Quantity column.


The different operators you can choose to create your inventory rules will take the available inventory or stock amount for products in your online store catalog and use it to determine the values to display on the chosen sales channel listings as the available inventory quantity. 

Web Quantity

When Web Quantity is selected, the Result column will show the quantity available for sale on the website. This is the default. Updating the Input field in this mode has no effect.

Fixed Quantity

When Fixed Quantity is selected, the value entered in the Input field is made available for sale on a sales channel listing. This setting ignores the stock on hand, so it should only be used if you are always able to secure stock to fulfil if you run out of stock.

Quantity Buffer

The Quantity Buffer makes it possible to list just some of your stock on a sales channel. It will reduce the web quantity by the amount entered in the Input field. For example, if you have 25 in stock, select Quantity Buffer and enter 15 into Input, the Result is 10.

Max Quantity

Limits the quantity to the value in the Input field. For example, if you have 25 in stock, select Max Quantity and enter 5 into Input, the Result is 5, but any less in stock, the result is the stock level.

Setting Custom Attributes

You can set custom inventory attributes for your sales channel listings from the Attribute Mapping Mode.

Within Sales Attributes you will find Quantity.  Here you can map to a custom attribute you have created, select Constant and enter a value or Select and enter a formula.  Enter the value and click the green save button at the top.

For example, to enter a formula for "If web quantity is greater than 5, list with 5 else list with the web quantity"

You would enter:

(quantity > 5) ? 5 : quantity

In this formula, '?' means "then" and ''' means "else".

Please reach out to Customer Support for formulas. 

Remember to Save and Publish.

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