eBay Item Specifics

Setting Item Specifics via MarketPlace Connect XpressGrid is very easy. It is possible to set Item Specifics for a single product or multiple products using  XpressGrid Multi Edit.

You will find Item Specifics by expanding the Description column in XpressGrid.

Collapsed View

Expanded View

Clicking Edit in the Item Specifics field will open the Item Specifics editor.

Item Specifics Editor with suggestions

Shown below is the Item Specifics editor with several suggestions. The bolded values are required. There will likely be an error message when attempting to list the product if these values are not provided.

Item Specifics Editor without suggestions

Not every item will show suggested Item Specifics. In this instance you will see an Item Specifics editor as shown below.

Adding Item Specifics

Click the Add Item button to add your own Item Specifics

Enter the name and value, then click Save changes