Product images on eBay and Amazon


The product images in your listing, as much or even more so than other listing content, is critical to attracting the attention of potential buyers in search and provides them with a detailed visual description of your products after clicking through to your listing.

It is important to take advantage of the opportunities that great product images can provide on Amazon and eBay by following the platform's product images best practices.


Tips on mastering your images on eBay:

  • Buyers love multiple views - eBay allows up to 12 images per listing
  • Use multiple images – different angles and close ups
  • Use images with a plain, white background
  • Try to avoid using text, borders or watermarks
  • eBay requires at least 500 pixels on the longest side. eBay recommends aiming for 800-1600 pixels

Tips on mastering your images on Amazon:

Much like other listing policies, Amazon’s image requirements differ slightly from eBay, giving the seller more control over how their products are displayed onsite. Amazon provides generic minimum image requirements and more stringent requirements for the main gallery image. 

  • Amazon allows up to 9 images per listing - Only 7 images are usually shown so we recommend focusing on:
    • 1 main image with white background, showing ONLY the product for sale
    • 3 ‘Features & benefits’ images
    • 2 lifestyle images showing the product in use
    • 1 product video (slot 7 is reserved for video or 360 view)
  • Amazon requires images at least 500 pixels on the longest side
    • Product zoom-in functionality starts with images 1000 x 500 pixels
    • 2000 x 2000 pixels is recommended. 
  • Multiple angles and viewpoints give the buyer a more detailed look at your products
  • Lifestyle images help the buyer to imagine themselves using your product
    • Lifestyle images do not need to have a white background, as long as it is in context to the use of the product
  • Infographics and size charts are a great way to help the buyer quickly make an informed decision on your product
  • Avoid overlapping your products with text, watermarks, stickers etc.


Codisto automatically synchronises all of the product images in your ecommerce platform and stores them in our CDN (Content Delivery Network) for serving as efficiently as possible.

eBay has requirements on image dimensions and for example, does not accept CMYK color model JPEGs. We automatically convert all images to be acceptable to eBay without any effort on your part.

The ImageSmart template defines the image sizes inside the HTML, embedded in the src attribute of the image tags, this automatically resizes images to suit the template. Images displayed within the listing template are served from our CDN so your listings always load fast no matter where in the world they are viewed from.

There is no requirement to do further image processing for eBay listings, just maintain your images in your ecommerce platform and we'll optimise the images for eBay for the best result.

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