Shipping using eBay Rate tables

For heavy or bulky items, eBay rate tables are an effective way to define shipping rules which vary by destination.

Show Rate Tables Column (Multi-edit Mode)

By default the Rate Tables column is hidden from the Codisto XpressGrid™. To show it:

1)  Click the column chooser button:

2) Tick the Rate Tables option to add the column to the XpressGrid

Enable Rate Tables on the Listing(s) (Multi-edit Mode)

1) Expand the Shipping Domestic 1 column group by clicking the <> icon at the top left if it looks like this:

It will now look like this:

2) Enable Rate Tables for one or more listings as required by setting the column to Yes like this:

You can use Multi-Edit by ticking multiple products (or all based on a filter), then applying the setting in the Multi-Edit header.

Defining the rate tables

1) Click the info icon in the Rate Tables cell on any row

2) The following dialog will appear:

Click the Manage Rate Tables button to be taken to the rate tables page of your eBay account. You may need to log into eBay to access the page.

Define Rate Tables

You have the option of defining rates per Item, Weight or Surcharge. The Postage rate tables page explains what each of these means. If defining by Weight, make sure you set weights against your products.

Single-edit Mode

You can find the settings for eBay rate tables in the Shipping & Returns section of your Offer Details values for any individual product, although in most cases it is best to configure shipping settings in bulk using Multi-edit Mode.

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