Calculated Shipping on eBay

The Calculated shipping mode lists your products on eBay with your shipping rules defined in your e-commerce platform.

Impact on eBay checkout flow

When a listing is set to use calculated shipping using your e-commerce platform Settings, the checkout flow can't be completed until eBay have been notified how much shipping is. Unfortunately, that's not obvious to the buyer. The eBay invoice described in How it works unblocks the checkout flow, but it doesn't happen automatically if the buyer happens to get to the checkout before the invoice is sent. Even though sending the invoice typically takes only a few seconds, buyers familiar with eBay click through fairly quickly, so they can get stuck. Refreshing the checkout page after the invoice is sent would unblock it, but that's not obvious.

The buyer will receive the invoice via email, which can be used to complete the checkout. There is also the option for the buyer to request a total on the checkout page, so you will probably get a few requests, which will be dealt with automatically by Codisto sending an invoice.

When to use it

Almost never. Using your e-commerce platform Settings is only for the extremely rare circumstances when you can't cater for bulky goods shipping calculations using rate tables. It is almost always better to use rate tables, even if they don't have the same precision as your e-commerce platform rules.

When not to use it

It is better to avoid calculated shipping driven by your e-commerce platform rules on eBay.

  • The shipping cost will only be available by clicking the quote link in the listing, not in the listing header like eBay integrated shipping rules such as rate tables
  • eBay favours listings with free shipping, so they tend to promote them more
  • A customer getting to eBay checkout too fast will have a confusing experience. See Impact on eBay checkout flow below

How to enable it

In the Shipping group in XpressGrid, set Cost Type to Calculated (Magento / WooCommerce / Shopify / BigCommerce / Ecwid)


How it works

The Codisto ImageSmart listing template automatically embeds a Postage calculator widget. When someone viewing the listing enters their postcode, the widget calls back to the Codisto plugin installed in your ecommerce platform environment to calculate shipping costs for that item to the entered location.

When the buyer commits to buy the product, eBay notifies Codisto, which then makes the same call back to your ecommerce platform environment to calculate shipping. An eBay invoice including the shipping cost is sent to the buyer.


eBay notifications can be delayed, causing the impact described above. Codisto automatically recovers by querying eBay for order updates periodically.

If your ecommerce platform is unable to provide a quote automatically, Codisto can't complete the process, so manual intervention is required to send an invoice via the eBay

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