How To Create an eBay Seller Account

Before you start selling on eBay, you'll need an eBay account. If you don't already have one, you'll need to register. You can choose between a personal or business account.

If you plan to sell casually, like selling items you no longer need or want, a personal account is the best option. Pick a business account if you want to sell large quantities, or have items that you've made or bought to resell.

To create an eBay account:

  1. Navigate to the eBay site on which you want to register (see list of eBay sites below)
  2. Go to the Registration page.
    The image shows but the link is in the same place on all eBay sites

  3. Select Personal account or Business account.
  4. Enter the required details and select Register.
  5. Click Sell at the top of any eBay page. Doing so will step you through all the steps required to list a product, including the initial seller registration.


Confirm your details and add an automatic payment method for any eBay fees.

You may also be asked to verify your identity to keep your account secure – this could be through providing a credit card or telephone number.

Visit our page for the steps in Connecting your eBay account with Codisto.

Selling Limits

eBay imposes selling limits, which are quite low on newly registered eBay accounts. Please see Selling limits for more information including instructions to request an increase.

eBay Sites 


Site Link
eBay Australia
eBay Austria
eBay Belgium (Dutch)
eBay Belgium (French)
eBay Canada
eBay France
eBay Germany
eBay Ireland
eBay Italy
eBay Hong Kong
eBay Malaysia
eBay Netherlands
eBay Philippines
eBay Poland
eBay Singapore
eBay Spain
eBay Switzerland
eBay Taiwan
eBay UK
eBay US