Why do eBay orders have a strange value in Address 1 field?

eBay Australia has partnered with Australia Post to improve tracking of parcels in the Australia Post network. 

  • eBay is partnering with Australia Post to improve tracking on eBay orders.
  • eBay will add a unique identifier code to most orders with an Australian delivery address. This is known internally as the eVTN (eBay Virtual Tracking) code.
  • eVTN code is added to the first line of the buyer's delivery address
  • Code is a combination of the word 'eBay' + 7 alphanumeric characters (e.g.ebay:97sT3JJ) and is not case-sensitive
  • The eVTN allows eBay to link Australia Post tracking information associated with the delivery to the eBay order.
  • This won't interfere with the delivery of any parcels, will allow buyers to track the progress of their order, and will help protect sellers against INR claims.
  • This code is only compatible with Australia Post orders for now but may be expanded to more carriers in the future.
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