Single Listing & Edit Mode

The Single-edit Mode makes it easy to list or edit individual products on sales channels. 

New users will also find this a great way of becoming familiar with the requirements and options for listing on our supported channels.

How to use Single Listing & Edit Mode

To use Single-edit Mode, first you must select which sales channel you wish to edit your product’s listing values for.


Then simply search and select the product you wish to edit.


This will open a new window where you can view and edit the listing values for that individual product.


All the fields for the channel chosen can be seen by simply scrolling. It’s a great way to understand what options are available on channels and what some of the requirements are. Once you are confident you can move to the Codisto XpressGrid™ Multi-edit Mode to make list and edit many products at once in bulk using the listing mode drop-down selector tool.

To create your new listing or update an existing one, simply turn the offer and/or listing status for that product to “on” then click “Save & Publish”.

mceclip2.png    mceclip3.png

You can navigate from the Single-edit Mode to the Multi-edit Mode (Codisto XpressGrid™) or Attribute Mapping Mode at any time by using the mode drop-down selector in the top-right corner.


Listing Mode Drop-down Selector

Within the Listings View, you can swap between the Single-edit Mode, XpressGrid Multi edit, and Attribute Mapping Mode at any time using the listing mode drop-down selector at the top-right of the screen.


Simply click on the drop-down button and select which mode you wish to use.



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