Codisto not working - Safari browser

Codisto Recommended Browser

Codisto recommends using Google Chrome.  This is because other browsers either don't have sufficient functionality to support all Codisto features e.g. Internet Explorer or approach certain aspects in different ways that cause issues with the way Codisto works 'inside' ecommerce platforms e.g. Safari

It's worth noting that Chrome is used by nearly 2/3rds of internet users whereas Safari use is 18%, Firefox 4% and Internet Explorer 1%.

Problem with Safari browser

Apple released an update to Safari that blocks 3rd party cookies.  Without getting into too much technical detail, Apple's intention was to 'improve browser privacy'.  The downside implication however, is that applications that embed into a 3rd party domain end up being partially blocked and therefore don't function properly.

To explain a bit further:

Codisto is accessed from within your ecommerce platform (we'll use Shopify as an example here but it applies to all platforms). 

You log into Shopify and your browser notes you are on Shopify domain but you access Codisto from inside Shopify.  Our Codisto app requires communication with our codisto.com domain to render the interface and populate and sync data.

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