Amazon brand registry

If you are a brand or rights owner, it is important for you to have influence over your intellectual property on Amazon to proactively engage with each marketplace on initiatives that protect your brand.

While Amazon will never give you full control of your brand on their platforms, they do provide access to their brand protection program, designed to give you the tools needed to better manage and protect your brand on Amazon.

Amazon describes the Amazon brand registry as:

Amazon brand registry helps you protect your intellectual property and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers on Amazon. For brands trading on Amazon, enrolling in the Amazon brand registry program provides you with numerous exclusive selling, analytics and brand protection benefits.

 Accurate brand representation 

Once you enroll, Brand Registry gives you greater influence and control over your brand’s product listings on Amazon.

Powerful search tools

Amazon Brand Registry enables you to easily find content in different Amazon stores. Search for content using images, keywords, or a list of ASINs in bulk and report suspected violations through a simple, guided workflow.

Proactive brand protection

Our automated protections use information about your brand to proactively remove suspected infringing or inaccurate content. The more information you provide, the better Brand Registry can help you protect and improve your brand experience.

 For more information on the tools available to brands on Amazon.

 To enroll in Amazon Brand Registry, you will need:

  1. An active registered trademark for your brand that appears on your products or packaging. Click here to learn about options for pending trademarks.
  2. The ability to verify yourself as the rights owner for the trademark.
  3. An Amazon Brand Registry account. You can create one by simply signing in with your existing Vendor or Seller Amazon account credentials.

 Get started with Amazon Brand Registry

 Exclusive tools available to brand owners:

  • New product optimizer - provides optimization recommendations for newly listed products (less than 60 days)
  • Manage your experiments - content A/B testing to find what works best
  • Video upload & manage - Shoppers who watch videos are 3.6x more likely to purchase
  • Customer reviews - manage customer reviews in one place. A product’s first review is shown to increase sales by up to 3.5x
  • Amazon attribution - Understand how non-Amazon digital marketing is driving traffic/sales on Amazon.
  • Brand analytics - Aggregated data reports exclusive to brand owners
  • Brand dashboard - Maintain customer experience and performance with a centralized dashboard
  • Amazon Live - Shoppable Livestream 
  • Transparency - Helps authenticate products and block suspected counterfeits.
  • Brand registry - Intellectual property protection with accurate brand representation, powerful search tools, and proactive brand protection 

For more information on the tools available to brands on Amazon.

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