Managing Amazon Bullet Points

What are Amazon bullet points?

Bullet points are all about conveying the products key features in a clear, easily digestible manner, providing your buyers with everything they need to know to make an informed purchase decision. Your product bullet points on your Amazon listing play a key role in converting shoppers into customers by providing a snapshot of what your product is, what it does and what’s included for the price. 

In today’s 24/7 online economy, it is increasingly important to capture and then hold your buyer’s attention before they lose interest and move onto a competitor’s listing. Doing so with bullet points instead of long, drawn out paragraphs is much more likely to give your buyers the information they need to prompt a sale.

Another benefit is that your bullet points appear ‘above the fold’ when clicking-through to your listing, meaning a buyer can see your title, images, bullet points, price and buy box without scrolling down the page. Buyers tend to view your title and images first, then bullet points.

Managing your bullet points in Codisto 

Codisto provides several options for managing your bullet points. The most suitable option for you, depends on a number of factors such as how many Amazon platforms you intend to sell on and preferences for updating your bullets on a regular basis.

Before updating your bullets:

  • Enable all “Bullet Points” fields from the extra fields menu.
  • You can utilize your existing product attributes to save time and update in bulk - Just add { } on either side of your existing meta-field name when writing your bullets, we’ll import it to the Xpress grid e.g. {brand}

Two ways to manage your bullet points in Codisto 

  • Enter a hard-coded value (free text) in the “bullet 1, 2, 3, 4, 5” columns. 
    • This method is ideal for updating individual products but is not suitable for merchants with a large product catalog - particularly when listing on multiple Amazon platforms.
  • Use Codisto’s attribute mapping functionality. If you prefer to control your bullets from within your website product pages, you may like to create a custom attribute/meta-field on your website e.g. “Amazon bullet 1”. Using attribute mapping you can map “Amazon bullet 1” in the grid. 
    • *note* attribute mapping applies to ALL products so you must create an “Amazon bullet 1” meta field for each product on your website before mapping.
    • This method can save you a lot of time when setting up on additional Amazon platforms by allowing you to map your existing bullets.

Tips to creating amazing Amazon Bullet Points

  • Amazon allows up to 5 bullet points for your product - Pick the top 5 product features & benefits most likely to encourage a sale, listing highest likelihood to lowest
  • Each bullet point can include up to 500 characters.
  • Each bullet should read like a sentence, clearly and without grammatical errors - buyers should be able to ‘skim’ through your bullets with ease
  • Avoid including promotions or pricing in bullet points
  • Utilise secondary keywords that you did not include in your title
  • Include all the details of your product – size, colour, shape, dimensions, use cases etc.
  • Begin each bullet with a Capital letter and avoid using too much punctuation.
  • Outline how your product’s benefits will improve your buyer’s day-to-day life - help your buyer to associate your product with their needs

Write your bullet points with your customer in mind

The best bullet points speak directly to your target audience, answering the questions that buyers are most likely to ask, problems your product is most likely to solve, worded in a format that your target audience is likely to engage with. Product reviews and product questions can also give you valuable insights into what features or functionalities are important to your buyers on Amazon.


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