Amazon product reviews

Positive buyer feedback & product reviews help potential buyers to understand the benefits and uses of your products.

For brand owners, once your products have been fully optimised for Amazon’s A9 search algorithm, it becomes time to shift your focus towards improving your Best Seller Rank (BSR) and reputation on-site. 

Amazon buyers are extremely loyal to the Amazon shopping ecosystem, relying heavily on the experiences of their fellow buyers when making a purchasing decision. Product reviews can also provide valuable insights into what information is missing from your listing, improved ways to display or describe your products and insights into product improvements.

It is also important to note the differences between seller feedback and product reviews.

  • A product review refers specifically to the quality of the product purchased, the buyer’s experience using the product and the accuracy of your product description vs. reality.
  • Seller feedback is left by a customer based on their purchasing experience (shipping time, Customer Service, etc.).

Amazon provides a set of customer review creation guidelines that buyers and sellers must comply with, ensuring that all reviews are appropriate and helpful to others on the platform.

3 methods of requesting a review:

  1. For every purchase made, Amazon will send an automated follow-up email requesting a product review. 
  2. Alternatively, you can use the “Request a review” directly from your Amazon orders page.
  3. Lastly, in addition to using the “request a review” feature, you can send a one-time-only direct email to your customers to request a review. 

Amazon does not allow you to ask a customer to change or remove a review so you are encouraged to regularly monitor and respond to customer reviews to resolve any issues related to your product.

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