eBay seller levels

eBay Top Rated Seller Program 

With so much competition across the platform, eBay is always looking at new and innovative ways to provide their top sellers with the recognition and additional benefits they deserve for continually striving to provide the best buying experience. Being an eBay Top Rated Seller shows buyers that you are a trusted seller and provide a first-class service.

There are three levels of sellers:

  • eBay Top Rated – You're one of the best sellers on eBay providing a great experience.
  • Above Standard – You meet our seller requirements, and look after customers well.
  • Below Standard – You don't meet our minimum seller requirements.

You can review your seller level on the eBay seller dashboard. Your eBay seller dashboard provides a snapshot of your performance as well as insights on how to improve. Included in your seller dashboard is:

  • Your current seller level at last evaluation (20th of every month)
  • If we evaluated you today
  • transaction defect rate
  • Late shipment rate 
  • Cases closed without seller resolution

Check your seller dashboard by visiting the "Account' tab of My eBay.

Key performance metrics:

  • Transaction defect rate - The transaction defect rate is the percentage of your total transactions that were either canceled for being out of stock or had a case closed without seller resolution.
  • Late shipment rate - The late shipment rate is the percentage of your transactions that were delivered late, according to either your buyer or the carrier.
  • Cases closed without seller resolution - A case closed without seller resolution is any case in which the seller does not respond to or resolve a problem with the buyer prior to escalation.

A prerequisite for many eBay seller benefits is to be an eBay Top-rated Seller, with clear guidelines for sellers to adhere to, in order to be eligible. The criteria differs slightly depending on which eBay marketplace you’re listing on.  For more information on eBay Seller levels and performance standards

Tips for Maintaining Your Seller Level

  1. Effective inventory management and in-stock items
  2. Accurate handling & dispatch time, with appropriate product packaging/labels
  3. Display your payment and returns policies clearly in your listings
  4. Accurate descriptions, multiple images, and item specifics to ensure accurate product depiction 
  5. Automate returns approvals and refunds
  6. Respond to all customer questions and requests quickly and politely
  7. Upload tracking to keep your buyers informed about their delivery
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