eBay selling limits


eBay imposes selling limits on your account with the intent of assisting you to sustainably manage and grow your business on the platform. As you grow more comfortable with the increasing demand for your products, eBay will periodically raise your selling limits to allow you to list more inventory. Additionally, selling limits may act as a means of fraud protection for eBay and it’s buyers by preventing new sellers from listing large quantities of counterfeit or even non-existent goods without being verified.


If you’d like to check your current eBay selling limits, head to the eBay Seller Hub .


  • On a monthly basis, eBay will review your account performance (sales and buyer feedback) and, if eligible, will increase your selling limits, allowing you to expand your catalog on the platform.
  • Both active AND sold listings are counted towards your monthly selling limit.
  • Listings ended during a billing cycle before making a sale are still counted towards your selling limits. If you list those products again, they will be counted again.


Need an immediate increase to your selling limits?

If your account is in good standing, with strong sales velocity and positive buyer feedback, you may be eligible to request an immediate increase to your selling limits beyond the incremental increases you’d otherwise see on a monthly basis. eBay will need to verify your account via a trust/risk assessment.

  • You may request eBay to increase your selling limits by clicking the link in Seller Hub or here.
  • Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with Codisto if you’re having trouble raising your selling limits with eBay



Linking your verified business PayPal account and registering your GST/VAT number to your eBay account can drastically improve the response time and likelihood that eBay will be able to verify your account and approve your request.

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