Vehicle parts compatibility

Parts compatibility

Over time, eBay has developed a comprehensive vehicle parts & accessories catalog, containing over 1.2m vehicle parts & accessories. Parts compatibility, also known as fitment, enables sellers in most vehicle parts & accessories categories to link their listings to eBay's catalog; improving the listing, buying, and selling experience by displaying all vehicles that their product is compatible with - Although the program is not mandatory, sellers who do adopt eBay's catalog data for their listings tend to see significantly higher sales than those that do not.

eBay buyers love parts compatibility due to its simplicity and accuracy in identifying the right part for their vehicle, thereby increasing buyer confidence and reducing uncertainty & returns. Buyers can save their vehicle make and model (among other specifics), allowing eBay to surface only relevant products in search results.

eBay Master Vehicle List (MVL)

eBay's master Vehicle List (MVL) contains over 40,000 vehicle models, with sellers able to choose up to 3000 compatible models per listing. Assigning compatible vehicles to your listings makes it easier for buyers to find parts, and they can buy with confidence that they're buying a part that fits their model.

Benefits of adopting eBay's vehicle parts & accessories catalog

  • Increased visibility in search results
  • Reduced returns with increased accuracy of parts/accessories purchase
  • Increased buyer satisfaction
  • Increase in relevant traffic from buyers with compatible vehicle models
  • Benefit from product reviews on listing page
  • enhanced buying/browsing experience through programs like eBay Motors
  • Automatic listing data, like images, item specifics, and parts compatibility

Codisto supports use of K-Types or ePIDs to associated imported products with the applicable vehicle compatibility. There is no vehicle compatibility user interface for merchants to associate compatibility manually.

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