eBay managed payments

Managed payments are an eBay initiative to improve the buying and selling experience on the marketplace, by providing buyers with more ways to pay and unifying the pay-out and management of funds for sellers. Simplified claim and chargeback seller protections will also mean a streamlined dispute resolution process provided within the eBay platform.

More payment options for buyers

For sellers using managed payments, buyers will be given the option to pay in more ways through a new, streamlined checkout experience. Available payment options include:

Apple Pay / Google Pay / PayPal / Afterpay / Visa / Mastercard / 

*Note* Sellers will not be charged third-party payments processing fees

Payouts to sellers

eBay sellers will now be able to receive payouts directly into their bank account. Payouts will be consistently processed within 2 business days of order confirmation (Monday- Friday). Sellers will also be able to schedule payouts daily or weekly, as funds become available.

Benefits to sellers

  • Simplified fee structure: Sellers will no longer be charged PayPal fees, with one unified eBay fee structure for managed payment sellers
  • Payouts: eBay final value fees netted at the time of transactions, with the remaining balance paid directly to the seller
  • Payment methods: More ways for buyers to pay, adding more convenience for buyers shopping on eBay
  • Simplified seller protections: Dispute management and seller protections provided by eBay
  • Reporting and reconciliation: Centralised sales reporting, fees, refunds, protections, and support

Do I need to change anything in Codisto?

No, we have made the necessary adjustments to support eBay managed payments and no action is necessary within Codisto in order to participate in managed payments.

Register for managed payments on eBay

If you’ve received a notification from eBay to register for managed payments

  1. Confirm your account information
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Verify your bank account details

Once you register, nothing will change until eBay notifies you and activates your account.

For more information on eBay-managed payments.


For further assistance please reach out to support@codisto.com









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