Connecting Your Walmart account (US Only)

Once you have installed the Codisto app, sellers that have been approved by Walmart can connect their account to Codisto by following these steps:

1) From the Codisto home screen, click on Connect Walmart


2) You will need to enter the following information in this popup window:

(see below for where to retrieve this information from your Walmart account)


To retrieve these details, open a separate browser window/tab:

2i) Go to developer.walmart.com


2ii) Click "Marketplace"


2iii) Login


2iv) Add New Key for A Solution Provider


2v) Choose "Codisto" from the drop-down and click 'next'. 


2vi) Turn on "Full Access" for all feed types (note 'Feeds: Get Feeds' and 'Reports' should be set to 'ViewOnly') and click 'submit'.


2vii) The new key pair (ClientID and Client Secret) will appear in the list of production keys


2viii) Click the "eye" to show the key, then copy and paste the ClientID and Client Secret into Codisto modal (stage 2 above) and click 'Connect Walmart'.



If you have previously connected an Amazon, eBay or Google account using Codisto and are wondering why you didn't have to retrieve, copy and paste clientID and secrets to connect those channels, it is because they support a more streamlined method of authentication via their API.  Walmart does not yet have this feature and hence there is requirement for the manual steps above.  As soon Walmart supports easier authentication, Codisto will support it!



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