Special Requirements for Selling on Walmart

With over 120 million monthly visitors on Walmart.com, selling on Walmart Marketplace in the US can be a big opportunity for sellers. But there are a few things to consider when deciding if Walmart is the right opportunity for you as a seller.

Firstly, unlike other sales channels like Amazon and eBay, selling on Walmart Marketplace requires special approval from Walmart.

  • To be approved as a seller, Walmart is looking for sellers that meet their criteria, which are:
  • Competitive pricing for their products.
  • A product assortment that complements their own.
  • The ability to demonstrate excellent customer service, and
  • Reliable and fast fulfilment.

If you believe you meet all of these criteria, you can apply directly through Walmart to be approved as a seller using this link.

It can take around two weeks for Walmart to consider your application, and if successful, you will then be able to connect your online store with Walmart marketplace using Codisto.

Secondly, it’s important to note that Walmart Marketplace is currently only available to customers in the US. This means it can be easier to gain approval to sell on Walmart if you are a domestic US seller, but Walmart Marketplace is not exclusive to US sellers. International sellers can still be approved, but will need to meet Walmart’s additional criteria, including:

  • Having a business entity registered in the US
  • Having a US based warehouse
  • Meeting Walmart’s specific US tax requirements

And finally, before selling on Walmart, it is important that you have valid product identifiers for your products. Walmart accepts GTIN, UPC, EAN, ISBN and ISSN product identifiers.

If you do not have any of these product identifiers for your products, ask the manufacturer or distributor of the products to provide them to you and update your online store catalog to include them.

If you manufacture your own products or are the exclusive seller, and the products do not have any of the product identifiers, you can purchase unique GTINs from GS1.

Once you have been approved to sell on Walmart and have your product identifiers ready, it’s time to connect to Walmart Marketplace with Codisto and start listing your products.

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