Pending Orders in Shopify (Amazon)

When a shopper places an order on Amazon, the order is visible to Codisto as ‘pending’ until Amazon completes its payment and order detail verification processes. The order lines are available at this point, but there is no customer information.

These orders move to ‘ready to ship’ (most of the time) or end up ‘canceled’. ‘Pending’ orders can take up to 21 days to move to either of these states but typically transition within 20 to 30 minutes.

A pending order is a committed sale, which must be fulfilled if it transitions to 'ready to ship'. However, due to the absence of customer details, by default Codisto won't send them to Shopify while 'pending'. This leaves the product at risk of overselling on the website or other sales channels.

The Send Order When setting for Amazon now has the option to send 'pending' orders to Shopify without customer information. 

The setting can be located in the Orders tab of the app. 


Once selected you will be asked to confirm via the pop-up window as shown below:


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