Creating & managing Shopify metafields

What are Shopify metafields

Shopify metafields are used to store information, or even files, within your Shopify store. Shopify provides several “out of the box” metafields such as vendor or barcode, however, you can also create custom metafields to extend the functionality of your Shopify store. For example, you could create a custom metafield to store a PDF download on the product page or add a custom metafield to store additional information about your customers, products, or orders.

As it relates to Shopify products, metafields store specific pieces of information about your catalog e.g. price, description, brand, etc., and can be extended to store additional information to better describe your product e.g. material, cuff length, etc.

Some users will create custom Shopify metafields to store marketplace-specific catalog information such as Amazon bullets or eBay item specifics, or any other piece of information they would like to house in Shopify. Once populated, Codisto will surface these metafields in attribute mapping mode, allowing you to consolidate catalog data in one place for all channels.


Shopify users have 2 options when creating and managing their Shopify metafields:

  • Create directly from Shopify admin and utilize Shopify to manage your metafields

    • Shopify > Settings > metafields > products > add definition = metafield is now available to populate on all products 
  • Utilize a 3rd party app to manage the process

    • Check the Shopify app store for “Metafield manager” or “metafield editor” options. 
    • There are plenty of options and they all (more or less) do the same thing. Any app with a reasonable rating + cost should accommodate your needs.
    • Each app will provide its own steps to create/manage Shopify metafields

How to map metafields via Attribute Mapping on Codisto.


Why does Codisto not allow Shopify users to map Shopify tags?

Shopify product tags are used primarily to search or filter your catalog in Shopify. However, there are no definitions to identify & group the type of content, or value, stored within them i.e. there is no way to determine what a tag is across different products, and therefore cannot be easily mapped to your channel listings.

Codisto recommends leveraging Shopify metafields to enrich your Shopify (and marketplace) catalog data.




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